Blasting Machine - BB-30

The BB-30 is an advanced, compact high energy capacitive discharge blasting machine capable of initiating a minimum of 30 EBCs. Intrinsic safeties include automatic abort, internal shunt, and touch-proof output terminals with downward facing inputs.

Model Features & Specs:

300 VDC @ 9 joules (min) firing energy

- Capable of firing a minimum of 30 EBCs connected via 3000’ of two-conductor 18 ga. copper firing line

- Uses standard 9-Volt battery (included)

Small and lightweight

- 3.0” wide x 5.8” long x 1.3” thick; 9.13 ounces (with battery) (7.6 cm x 14.7 cm x 3.3 cm; 259 g)

Easy to use

- Connect firing line to high-voltage binding posts when ready to fire

- Hold down ARM switch to charge blasting circuit

- Press FIRE switch when the Super-Bright “Ready” LED lights solid (flashes during charge) to send high-energy pulse down firing line

Intrinsically safe design

- Internally shunted output terminals help protect EBCs from stray EMI
– remain shunted until instant of firing

- Auto abort discharges the capacitor upon release of ARM button (prior to firing)

- Touch-proof output terminals with downward facing inputs reduce risk of shock

Rugged enclosure

- Black ABS case with bright-red/orange rubber boot and self-cleaning switches

- Shock and weather resistant (not designed for wet use due to high-voltage output)

90-Day Factory warranty against manufacturing defects


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