Digital Blasting Load Meter w/Haptic Circuit Indication

Digital Blasting Load Meter w/Haptic Circuit Indication – The Digi-mo® DG-2

The DG-2 is a compact digital ohmmeter capable of safely measuring live bridgewire and firing line resistance to 999 ohms*. Instantly know if your EBCs and firing lines are good. Housed in a non-sparking enclosure (including brass contacts) and completely sealed, it is perfect for flammable atmospheres. For quick continuity tests you can feel the haptic feedback, or read the display to find the actual resistance – also indicates a dead short.

*The Institute of Makers of Explosives (I.M.E.) recommends that the minimum ignition current of an electric detonator manufactured by its member companies be not less than 250 mA. The lowest ignition current documented by the U.S. Bureau of Mines was 173 mA (USBM Contract #H0210068). It is your responsibility to verify that the device you are about to test complies with this standard before you begin!


Features & Specifications:

The ONLY digital galvanometer with haptic feedback

Very easy to use
- Press “Test” Button
- Within 15 seconds touch lead wires to the non-sparking brass terminals
- A vibration indicates continuity
- Actual circuit resistance is displayed, in Ohms (1-999 +- 1 Ohm)
- Indicates a shorted circuit
- Automatically powers off 15 seconds after load is removed

Intrinsically Safe Design
- Max testing current of 1 mA
- Redundant current limiting
- Non-sparking brass test contacts
- Completely sealed for use in flammable atmospheres

Rugged Enclosure
- ABS enclosure with rubber boot
- Sealed membrane keypad
- Shock resistant and IP65 compliant
- Includes lanyard

Small and Lightweight
- P1.9” wide x 3.5” long x 1.2” thick; 5 ounces
- Uses one replaceable CR2477 battery


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